Unique Hotels Around the World – Part 2

Continuing our traverses around the world to find the most Unique Hotels, we delve into another foray of the unusual and in some cases the bizarre. This time we will be featuring shipwrecked cruise ships, see saw barns and salty resting places.

Palacio De Sal – Bolivia

The Bible relates a story about a Pillar of Salt, but in Bolivia there is a whole hotel built out of the condiment. This Unique Hotel can be found on the banks of the Salar de Uyuni. As well as the walls and floors and the other structural parts of the building, even the furniture and sculptures also consist of salt. It is hard to understand the concept why the hotel was even built, but the luxurious bedrooms and common rooms soon welcome the weary traveler to a restful stay.

Sun Cruise Hotel – Korea

The Sun Cruise Hotel has to be seen to be believed, and even then you will probably think you were under some kind of illusion. The Sun Cruise Hotel is actually an actual cruise ship on land, perched on a rocky outcrop.The rocky outcrop is not any piece of jutting land, it is a cliff perched above Jeongdongjin Beach in Korea which supposedly has the best view of the sun rising in the world.

The dimensions of this fantastic hotel are quite staggering, it is 165 meters in length, weighs 30,000 tons and has 211 rooms.

The Balancing Barn – England

Located in the heart of Suffolk in England is one of the weirdest barns you will ever see. The Balancing Barn is an architectural oddity, half the building is firmly on land the other swinging high in the air. The hotel sleeps 8 persons and the uninterrupted views of the woods and meadows that surround it are quite stunning. The Balancing Barn has architectural awards for ingenuity and playfulness.

Giraffe Manor – Kenya

If you love wildlife then you will adore the Giraffe Manor in Kenya. The hotel is owned by the Safari Collection set within 140 acres of forest land in Nairobi. The manor dates back to the 1930’s and recalls the stately opulence of bygone times.The main attraction of Giraffe Manor is the resident herd of Rothschild Giraffe who wander around whenever and wherever the fancy takes them.The Manor has twelve luxury rooms, and guests are truly pampered whilst enjoying the wonderful wildlife.

Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel – Sweden

A stupendous celebration of architecture and design, the Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel is camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflects its surrounding and makes the building almost invisible. The tree house hotel accommodates only two guests at a time, and it is extremely hard to book. The room includes a sumptuous double bed, toilet and a lounge with stunning views on the rooftop terrace.

These amazing hotels are a testament to the imagination of the people who designed them and the architects who found a way to build them. They offer the guests that stay in them an adventure of a lifetime, and definitely something to show on their holiday snaps.