Unique Hotels Around the World – Part 1

There are some amazing unique hotels that exist all over the world. From themed hotels to one-off buildings designed to amaze and thrill their guests. It seems there is a furious competition happening to create the most innovative and bizarre establishment that designers and architects can possibly come up with. From chilling “ice hotels” in Scandinavia, to breathtaking hostels perched on Italian mountainsides. The choice is varied and definitely without constraint, if you can imagine it, you can bet it exists somewhere on the planet.

Bivacco Gervasutti Hotel – Italy

This futuristic themed hotel must be placed in one of the most precarious locations you could possibly imagine. The hotel is perched on a platform high up on Mount Blanc in Italy. It is genuinely a hair-raising experience for the guests who dare to check in. Bivacco Gerasutti Hotel is an ultra-modern capsule nearly three thousand meters high on the Frebouze Glacier. It is powered by solar energy and is also connected to the internet. But those who suffer from sleepwalking are advised not to choose this particular hotel.

Icehotel – Sweden

This is definitely the coolest place to hang out, every winter in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. This hotel is fashioned out of ice taken from the local frozen river Torne. Snow and ice is mixed and the builders have a new material called “snice” to fashion the hotel from. The idea is that the guests are in harmony with their environment, and the architects designed the ice hotel so people would be stunned with the wilderness that surrounds them, from snow clad forests to the psychedelic sky displaying the Northern Lights.

Attrap’ Reves Hotel – France

If you don’t mind being spied on by your neighbors, then this futuristic plastic domed hotel is the ideal stopover for you. Guests sleep cocooned in see-through bubbles, the idea being so that they drift off to a contented sleep looking up at the stars. The Attrap’ Reeves Hotel is not for the more reserved guest, as everything you do is open to be seen. But for those who like to get back to nature the hotel makes an exciting change from the norm.

Manta Resort – Zanzibar

How do you fancy sleeping with the fishes? Well you can do if you check into the Manta Resort in Zanzibar. The unique “underwater room” is beneath the surface of the crystal-clear waters, so guest can see the exotic fishes swimming around their glass capsule. Even at night there are underwater lights to attract the marine life to come and see what all the bother is about. Above the underwater dome is a sea level floor houses a lounge area and the rooms bathroom.

These fabulous hotels are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the most unique hotels around the world. Our journey continues in our next blog for even more amazing places to stay that are bound to excite and enrich anybody who has the opportunity to visit them.