The World’s Strangest Hotels

Hotels differ all over the world, some are large and on a grand scale, some are small and bijou. Some are city hotels with all the excitement of the urban environment, and some are quiet country retreats. No matter what, they all follow similar criteria, such as normal buildings serving accommodation. However, the hotels we are about to see are very different, and do not fall into the traditional category of a standard hotel.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Resembling an alien spaceship that has just crash-landed in a quarry the Shanghai Wonderland hotel is built on the steep slopes of a desolate quarry. It has a distinct honor as it has been named the world’s first five-star hotel that is underground.

The hotel is the antithesis of Shanghai’s other hotels that are towering skyscrapers, and the entire bottom two floors are emerged under water. This hotel is all about design and how clever architects can actually be, somehow a room with a view seems more preferable.

Crane Hotel Faralda

This hotel is complete madness, the three bedroom / suite hotel is built inside an old industrial crane. Located in woods just outside Amsterdam, but it does have great city views from its elevated position in the trees. If you suffer from heights then this hotel is not for you, perhaps it is best left to the adventurous.

No Man’s Fort

If your idea of luxury accommodation is an old circular fort surrounded by water, then No Man’s Fort is the perfect destination. The old military fort was built around the late-1800’s to protect Britain from the invasion of Napoleon III, and the former barracks now contain twenty two luxury rooms.

The only way to get to the hotel is by boat, as it sits in the middle of the Solent surrounded by water. Once you are on the island fort, there is nowhere to go, but the hotel does have its own nightclub.

Das Park Hotel

If you have ever driven past a construction site and noticed giant concrete sewer pipes? And has this image inspired you to want to stay in one of them? Well that is exactly what the Das Park Hotel is, it is a hotel built out of industrial pipes.

In actual fact only the sleeping accommodation is in these concrete pods and there is a main building that functions as a utility space. The sleeping chambers are sparse with just a small hole in the roof to let natural light in. So those people who suffer from claustrophobia better avoid this hotel.

Quinta Real Zacatecas

If bullfighting is not your bag then perhaps you should not venture out to the Quinta Real Zacatecas Hotel in Mexico. The hotel is built inside an old bullfighting ring, and thankfully no longer do the bulls run freely around. The hotel restaurant looks down over the ring whilst the bar is situated in the former bullpens. This hotel fits in perfectly with the others that we have seen on our journey to discover the world’s strangest hotels. These places are odd to the extreme, and the guests that visit them are certainly looking for something outside the box.