The World’s High-Tech Hotels – Part 1

One of the great things about staying in a hotel is to be pampered, everybody loves to have that short time of being waited on hand and foot, and to have the use of extraordinary facilities. There was one great film quote when a gorgeous leading lady was asked what she most wanted out of life? And her response was room service!

It is quite natural to like the little luxuries of life once in a while, after all, we all work hard and everyday life does not often give us the opportunities to live like a film star. Some of the more adventurous hotels understand this and offer OTT facilities at their grand buildings, we endeavor to travel the world and discover the crème de la crème of high-tech hotels. Some hotels provide the ultimate in luxury by embracing technology, which provides their guests with both innovation and luxury. To some extent this is demanded by the guests, as the populace is very familiar with the modern digital world and treats it as the norm.

W Singapore Sentosa Cove

This ultra-modern hotel in sophisticated Singapore lays on technology in abundance. Some of the suites have their own pools with underwater speakers, DJ booths, signature scented rooms, mood-themed rooms, and all illuminated by LED lights. The hotel boasts two hundred and forty very high-tech rooms that have features that guests probably have not even come across before. This oasis of technology is all available in a superb tropical setting, where the simplicity of nature exemplifies the modern world.

Silken Puerta America

We travel from Asia to Europe for our next hotel which is the Silken Puerta America in Madrid. The hotel was designed after the input of a highly creative team and to put it mildly it is a traveler’s delight. A total of nineteen architects were used in the concept of this very special hotel, and each room has its own unique design from a very talented architect. There a three hundred and fifteen guest rooms that differ greatly from caves to red-lacquered walls. And the hotel boasts event and meeting rooms that can cater for a thousand guests. Each floor of the hotel has a different theme, with the rooms reflecting this also. Perhaps the only downside is the location which is out of town.

The Yotel New York City

The Yotel set in bustling New York City is perfect for both pleasure and business. The rooms are based on the Japanese capsule hotels, and the theme of a robotic hotel (Yotel) is adventurous and fun. The guests check in at electronic terminals, which are named Yobots which even look after your luggage. But it is the rooms that are rather special, to save space the beds are motorized and pop out from storage when the guest wants to sleep. The air conditioning is operated by human motion, and the whole hotel is operated and controlled by technology. If you would like an evening staying on the Starship Enterprise then this is probably the closest you can get to it.