The Spookiest Hotels in America

Staying away from your home can be for some an unsettling experience, but for those who travel regularly being in hotels and guest houses probably isn’t a new. But for the true home-birds not settling down in your own bed for a night’s sleep can be impossible, especially when you are somewhere that has a reputation for being spooky and possibly haunted. There are many hotels dotted around America that have reputations for odd events that have happened and are haunted, here are some of the scariest.

The Queen Mary

Once the Queen Mary was one of the most opulent cruise liners that sailed the seven seas. Now it is moored in Long Beach, California and has been a hotel since 1972. The original luxurious staterooms and first-class suites have been refurbished, which all boast the liner’s previous history.

Only the crème da la crème used to travel first-class on Queen Mary, people like Elizabeth Taylor, Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, and none other than Queen Elizabeth. But there is a darker history to this magnificent boat; during WWII whilst performing transport duties for Allied troops it was sliced in half. Of the ten thousand troops on board, two hundred and thirty-nine lost their lives. To this day there have been sightings of some of the young men and women who died that night, especially a young sailor in the boiler room, and a woman in white who appears to be dancing.

The Red Coach Inn

This popular Niagara Falls hotel has been accepting guests since the early 1920s and has been particularly popular with honeymooners. The magnificent Falls brought many romantic couples to this mock-Tudor inn but not all had a happy experience.

The Red Coach Inn
The Red Coach Inn

The Red Coach is supposedly haunted by a bride and groom that tragically took their own lives after their wedding day. And the creaky corridors often have an eerie chill to them during the night. Other strange happenings include items moving on bedroom dressers as though the bride is checking out the jewelry. There have even been reports of people dancing in the room above, the problem being this complaint was made from the top floor.

Lord Baltimore Hotel


This Maryland hotel is reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in America. Built in the late-1920s the roof of the hotel was a popular spot for people wanting to throw themselves off during the Great Depression. And one torrid tale is of a whole family committing suicide jumping off the roof together all holding hands. Even today the daughter is supposed to roam the hotel wearing a virgin-white dress and carrying a red ball. Many paranormal teams have descended on this hotel and their findings have been the most haunted places are the Calvert Ballroom and of course the 19th floor where most of the suicides happened. If you would prefer a good night’s sleep then a good piece of advice is to stay away from places like this. But if you do find yourself in a strange bedroom hearing unnatural sounds just pull the blanket over your head and whistle songs from the Sound of Music.