The Most Secluded Hotels in the World – Part 1

Have you ever thought of getting away from it all, of seeking solace from the rat race? Well, this blog is right up your street, as we look at some of the most secluded hotels that exist on the planet.

There are many hostelries off the beaten track, but we are not talking about these, we go in search to find the most secluded places to stay: from darkest Africa to the wildest of the Americas.

Explora Patagonia – Chile

Just getting to this mountain getaway is in itself a challenge, it will take a minimum of two flights, depending on your starting point, and a long drive to access the Explora Patagonia in Chile. The nearest village to the hotel is Punta Arenas and a four wheel vehicle has to drive you through the Torres del Paine National Park to the forty-nine-room hotel.

But it is all worthwhile as the view is stunning, and the hotel is the perfect base to explore the aqua blue lakes and glaciers that adorn the countryside. Look up and you will mostly likely see giant condors circling in the sky as the nosy guanaco graze about the sparse vegetation.

Petit St. Vincent – The Grenadines

Tropical Caribbean holidays are very popular, and many of the islands have exclusive resorts that pamper to guest’s every wish. But on the Grenadines is a particularly special one, as the hundred and fifteen acres that separate Petit St. Vincent from anywhere else makes it extra secluded.

The resort is made up of twenty-two individual cottages which have no phones or television, and to be left alone from any hotel staff, guests are required to raise a flag above their cottage and they will be left in complete solitude.

Belcampo Lodge – Belize

Punta Gorda is a small fishing town on the Caribbean coast of Belize and situated outside this sleepy village is the twelve-room Belcampo Lodge. The hotel is located over many thousands of acres of organic farmland, so guests can delight in the cuisine. The hotel is also a particular haven for bird watchers, along with other activities such as caving and diving – all under great supervision.

Four Seasons Lodge – Koele, Hawaii

The Four Seasons Lodge exudes class, the manicured lawns and erect Norfolk trees standing guard over the driveway hint at what is to follow. Situated on the sleepy island of Lanai, guests who come here do so for tranquility. The small island only has one town, but most residents do not even venture that far, being happy at the resort and all its magnificent amenities.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge – Namibia

Most guests take the small plane from the capital of Namibia, Windhoek, to fly over the parched desert into the middle of absolutely nowhere. Then slowly on the horizon a tiny speck appears that is the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.

Here you will find ten glass and stone villas that stick out like a lost necklace that has been discarded and forgotten. The accommodation is luxurious, to say the least, and features breathtaking views of the sand dunes and the local wildlife. It really is like somewhere out of a Star Wars film and you expect Hans Solo to appear at any moment. In part two of this blog we venture to Polynesia and Spain to explore even more of the most secluded hotels in the world.