The Biggest Hotels in the World – Part 2

This is the second edition of our round-the-world quest to try and find some of the biggest hotels that can be found on the planet. So far, the gaming capitals of Las Vegas and Macau have provided us with some extravagant examples of mammoth hotels, and here we are on the hunt for some more OTT hostels.

MGM Grand & Signature – Las Vegas

Back to Nevada with our first hotel, no blog about ostentatious hotels could ever be complete without mentioning the granddaddy of them all, the MGM Grand.  Famous the world over for hosting some of the biggest names in entertainment and world championship boxing bouts. The MGM Grand is synonymous with Las Vegas and has adorned cinema screens all over the world in major blockbuster movies. The hotel has four towers, and 6,772 rooms, the MGM’s marketing hype really sort of sums this hotel up, “The world’s biggest producer of OMG”.

Disney All-Star Resorts – Orlando

Disney All-Star Resorts – Orlando

The USA has always been good at producing OTT, and hotels are among the biggest examples of OTT that America has to offer. Disneyland was the world’s first theme park, and still is by far the best. And so, it really makes sense that Disney would also produce one of the biggest hotels in the world. This hotel is rather cheating as it is three resorts all rolled into one: The All-Star Music Resort, the All-Star Movies Resort and the All-Star Sports Resort. Combined together there are 5,658 rooms and as you would expect all family friendly.

Ambassador City – Thailand

The first Asian hotel in our compendium, and we travel to the Land of Smiles and Pattaya for our next selection. The Ambassador is set in 40 acres of prime beachfront real estate overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.  The four individual wings that make up the Ambassador house 4,210 rooms, with each wing having its own individual theme. This is one of the oldest hotels in Thailand and it is not by choice that it is located in Pattaya. Pattaya is Thailand’s entertainment capital, and although the hotel boasts many restaurants, shops and amenities it is downtown Pattaya that attracts most tourists.

Izmailovo – Moscow

The Izmailovo is staggering purely for its colossal size. There are four towers which are 30 floors high which contain 7,500 rooms. Each tower is named after letters from the Greek alphabet to try and be less confusing for the guests. Situated out of the city center in the old 1980 Olympic Athletes Village, the hotel is a little quiet in term of local restaurants and nightlife. But there are many bars, restaurants and leisure activities inside the Izmailovo to keep the residents happy. Leaving Moscow, we pack our bags and check out of our world tour of the Biggest Hotels in the World. From Las Vegas to Pattaya these hotels are not only huge in size but are situated in some of the most glamorous locations. Including the Gulf of Thailand, the Nevada Desert and the Macau Peninsula in the South China Sea.