The Best Hotel Restaurants

So many people consider the hotel restaurant as a place of last resort, somewhere that is to be used if the weather is inclement or all other places have closed for the evening. But in many cases, this is simply not so, hotels can command some of the best chefs, waiting staff, and sommeliers in the business. Often hotel guests just have to travel downstairs to enjoy a gastronomic delight and we have put together a list of some of the world’s finest dining experiences.

Al Mahara – Burj Al Arab

We travel to Dubai for our first culinary delight and the wonderful Al Mahara restaurant in the staggering Burj Al Arab hotel. The first impressions are that you are in some sort of subterranean world, and the number of aquariums in this opulent restaurant give a clue to the cuisine they serve. Seafood is the specialty of the house, plucked straight out of the water, it could not be fresher.

Aqua – The Ritz-Carlton

Just the name the Ritz-Carlton conjurers up opulent dining rooms and luxury beyond compare. And the Ritz Carlton is Wolfsburg is no different. The hotel has been called idustrial-luxe and indeed the architects have built something quite unique. The restaurant, Aqua has three Michelin stars, and the Chef de Cuisine, Sven Elverfeld creates some exciting and innovative food.

Mandarin Oriental – Hyde Park

One of the most creative chefs in the business has to be Heston Blumenthal and he has always championed British Cuisine. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is the creation offered by the celebrity chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London.

The three-star Michelin chef creates some amazing food for the lucky patrons of this hotel restaurant. The dish savory porridge is one of the retakes on old traditional English dish, and it dates back to around the mid-1600’s. The food might dip into olden times, but the restaurant is sleek, modern and perfect for sampling the delights of chef Blumenthal.

Epicure – Le Bristol Hotel

The French invented plush hotel restaurants serving the very best food, so it is hardly surprising that the restaurant at the fabulous Le Bristol Hotel features on our list. When visiting Paris, you must try the delights of Epicure at Le Bristol Hotel. It is a three-star gastronomic delight under the control of famous chef Eric Frenchon, and he stamps his own identity on classic dishes such as stuffed macaroni with artichokes, black truffle and finished off with foie gras and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Nobu – Caesars Palace

The Nobu restaurant name is synonymous with sushi, and not just any sushi but perhaps the best in the world. The chefs who work at Nobu restaurants have to spend years learning the art of sushi and its many intricacies, but serving their creations is taken to another level at this top restaurant.

So where better to have the pantomime of a top sushi chef in full flow than the glitzy surroundings of one of Las Vegas’ most impressive hotels. And they do not come more famous or glamorous than Caesars Palace.