The Best Gadgets to Turn Your Hotel Room into a Palace – Part 2

Continuing our blog to reveal the best gadgets to carry in your luggage when you travel we look at packing a roaring fireplace, a walking mat and your very own personal Jacuzzi.

Sometimes you are forced to travel on a budget or have to stay in a hotel because there is no alternative. It is times like these that you will most need the home comforts that can turn a drab motel room into a luxurious palace. In part one we suggested taking your own barman, chef and cinema with you, and now we look at more of the best gadgets on the market.

Amazon Kindle

The days of numerous books weighing down your holiday luggage have disappeared thanks to the Amazon Kindle and other technology-based reading devices. Everybody loves reading a good thriller whilst soaking up the rays on the beach or finishing a chapter before retiring for the night. But the worst thing about books is their weight, this all goes away with a smart tablet.

There are many portable libraries on the market that give the reader access to thousands of books on a device that weighs less than one novel. Indulge your reading pleasure whilst sitting in your hotel room and enter into another world.

Roaring Fireplace

The grandest of hotels and plushest of suites often have roaring fireplaces to brighten up their appearance. There is nothing like a roaring fire to warm the cockles of your heart and give you something to stare at while sipping a large brandy.

Perhaps your motel room does not run to a roaring fire or have scenic views from its windows, but there is a new application that changes all that. All you need is a mobile tablet and the Roaring Fireplace application, and you can have a cozy little den. Listen to the fire crackle as you look into its dancing flames and settle in for a good night’s sleep.

Mat Walk

Perhaps your choice of hotel leaves a lot to desire, but one room that must be clean is the bathroom. How many times have you entered a hotel bathroom and nearly balked because of its unhygienic condition.

Well, help is at hand, there is a bath towel that you can pack that has inbuilt slippers, so you do not have to walk on the bathroom floor in your bare feet. No matter how dirty the tiles may be, you can step out of the shower straight into your towel / slippers and not worry about what you tread on.


Finally, to turn your bathroom into a Jacuzzi, there are several types of mobile spa machines that are portable and simply plug into the mains. Straight away the water will erupt into a flurry of bubbles as you sink into the turbulence and delight in the sensation.

There are many reasons why you may have to stay in a hotel that is below standard, but don’t let that dishearten you. With the great range of gadgets available to enhance your hotel room experience every hotel can be a little home from home.