The Best Gadgets to Turn Your Hotel Room into a Palace – Part 1

The are many luxury hotels around the world with rooms with lavish décor and amenities, such as libraries, bars, fireplaces and even bowling alleys, that could cater to the needs of any movie star. Yet sometimes you have to travel on a budget; however, this does not mean you cannot travel like royalty. In this blog we look at some of the gadgets available on the market that you can pack in your bag and make your stay in any hotel as luxurious as a penthouse suite.

Travel Set

Sometimes, staying at budget hotels in the seedier side of town, your mind turns to the mattress and its cleanliness.

Also, will you be sharing your bed with any unwelcome guests, such as bed bugs?

Well, help is at hand with a new Travel Set – it is a roll up mattress that you can fit in your suitcase. The one and a half inch mattress pad is ideal to lay on the bed so you can sleep soundly, clean and without any itching!

Bar Master Deluxe

Perhaps your chosen hotel does not have a bar and you fancy a cocktail, well don’t despair. If you have a Bar Mater Deluxe, it is like having your very own portable barman. In the shape of a hip flask, you can have an application that names and shows you nearly every cocktail under the sun. Just select your cocktail from the application, take the ingredients from the mini-bar and follow the instructions. Then sit back, choose a movie and enjoy a cocktail to complete the whole cinema experience.

Roaming Hunger Application

Everybody gets the munchies at one time or another staying in a hotel, but what if room service is finished and you don’t know the area. Fear no more, you need not tread the streets trying to find a convenience store with a microwave. Roaming Hunger is an application that you can download onto your smartphone, it informs you of any gourmet food trucks or takeaways in the vicinity which will deliver to your door. It is almost like having your own personal chef in the room next to you.

Nintendo Wii

Perhaps your hotel does not have a bowling alley, tennis court or mini-golf? Well, do not worry, you can keep the family entertained if you pack a Nintendo Wii. Nearly every hotel on the planet has a TV in the bedrooms and so, with your trusty Nintendo plugged in, you have your own suite of games at the touch of a button. A good piece of advice is to remember the leads as it is doubtful hotel reception will have a spare set.

Mobile Projector

It does not matter if your hotel has no film channel or a DVD if you carry your own mini projector with you. There are some great mini projectors on the market that you can connect to your mobile device that have true definition.

Your hotel room will be instantly turned into a cinema and you can watch your favorite films on a big screen from the comfort of your own bed. In part two of this blog we look at more innovative gadgets that will turn your stay even in the most basic of hotels into pure luxury.