Places with Amazing Views

Most people like to travel. Holidays, short breaks away and business trips are just some of the many kind of trips that people enjoy. There are of course many reasons why someone might pick a particular location over another. In this blog post we will take a look at locations that offer some of the most spectacular views.

The Great Wall of China

A wall that dips and rises across any country for over 6,000 miles is worthy of any mention. When you consider the wall has been described as being visible from space, there is no doubting the sheer scale. Unquestionably, some of the best views are offered from a near secret location. Those lucky enough to make the journey to Gubeikou will witness some amazing views in the unrestored area of Yanshan Mountain range.

The Matterhorn

In excess of 500 mountain climbers have perished attempting to make the arduous 14,692-foot journey to the summit of this amazing mountain. Traveling later in the season will make the trail to the Riffelsee lake a little easier as there are less people on the route.

Those who are in awe of terrific views will no doubt want to witness the splendour of reflections in the lake. Exiting by train at the Rotenboden station, visitors will take a relatively short 3-km walk down to the lake for some of the most amazing views on earth.

The “Rainbow Mountains”

With its unique colouring the formation of millions of years of mineral deposits there is no escaping the amazing beauty of the Rainbow Mountains. Situated in the Zhangye Danxia Geopark, China, these mountains have a magical view about them. Many visitors have exclaimed that they have indeed witnessed something so far removed from any other natural beauty spot in the world. It is perhaps no surprise that the Chinese National Geography magazine voted the Zhangye Danxia as one of its six most beautiful landforms in China.

The Temples of Bagan

Testament to the religious sway of the people of Myanmar is the majestic temples of Bagan. Easily making one of the richest archaeological areas of Southeast Asia, the thousands of temples of Bagan are a must visit place. Travelers can buy a ticket for the equivalent of just $3 USD and have access to the sprawling location for 5 days. The area remains a pilgrimage location for many of the Buddhist religion. However, due to extensive earthquake damage, only 2,200 temples in various states of disrepair remain.

The Grand Canyon

The 277 Mile crevice that is better known as the Grand Canyon is another must visit place, especially for those who love to take pictures.Situated in the heart of the Arizona plains, the Grand Canyon has captivated visitors for many a long year. A combination of craggy, two million-year-old rocks and amazing coloured strata makes this North American location one of the most impressive places on earth. Visitor numbers are close to 5.5 million each year, with over 90% choosing to take their views from the South Rim area.