My Favourite Boutique Hotels – Part 1

What makes a good Boutique Hotel? If has been a very fashionable term now in the world of hospitality for many years, but what does the term actually mean? According to Wikipedia, a Boutique Hotel is “A small hotel which typically has between 10 and 100 rooms in unique settings with upscale accommodations.”

But this description really does not tell the reader anything about what makes a truly great Boutique Hotel. If you go to any travel site and type in the term Boutique Hotel, then a cornucopia of alternatives will pop up on your screen. Ranging from small out of town affairs to large city centre hotels.

True Definition of a Boutique Hotel

A true Boutique Hotel should distinguish themselves from larger chain hotels by offering personalised attention and stylish accommodation which plays on a theme.

V20 Boutique Hotel – Bangkok

One such Boutique Hotel resides in Bangkok and is named the V20 Boutique Hotel. First to distinguish itself according to the above definition, is that it is not part of a large chain, it is truly independent.

Secondly, it has a unique theme and that is a massive aquarium at the very heart of the hotel. Even some of the bedrooms have walls that are made of part of the glass of the tank, and you can see a myriad of fishes swimming around whilst you relax in your bed.

The Aquarium

The V20 Aquarium is 3m deep, and it contains an amazing 50,000 liters of water. It can be viewed from three sides and there is a glass bridge over the top so visitors can take “selfies” as a memento of their stay.

The Bedrooms

A Boutique Hotel really comes into its own with their individualised bedrooms, and V20 excels in this department. There are eight individual styles of rooms to choose from, designed for both the tourist and the modern-day businessman. Comfort does not mean lack of technology, and the V20 Boutique Hotel prides itself in offering ultra fast free WiFi in all bedrooms and common areas.

This means of course that the bedroom can double as a mobile office for the businessman, or as a play area for the kids playing mobile app games or streaming films. All these activities demand fast internet speed, and it has now become a primary consideration for people choosing their next hotel for holidays or work.

Value for Money

“Value for Money” is a prerequisite for any boutique hotel, international large chain hotels can charge a premium just for their name. But Boutique Hotels have to go one step further to attract custom away from their affluent competition.

They have to offer superb facilities, with an ambiance designed all around customer care and individual pampering. And they have to do all this and compete on price, the successful ones will get the balance right and have a loyal clientele. Failing in these areas means that the boutique hotel will almost certainly lose custom to other hotel types.