Luxury Hotels Around the World Part 2

Taking a second rummage around some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, once again we travel to exotic destinations and partake in some quite excellent pampering. Our journey takes us to amazing Asia and Vietnam, the wild and wonderful wilderness of Namibia and the scorching sun of California.

Auberge du Soleil – California

The Auberge du Soleil is a place like no other, the whole building is planted high on the terracing of a hillside with fabulous views of the breathtaking Napa Valley below. The hotel has a unique setting, nestling alongside a huge olive grove, and wine lovers will be particularly pleased with the views of vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. Of course, not only those that have a passion for wine can enjoy this hotel’s amazing facilities.  The hotel’s name gives a clue to its culinary legacy and indeed it was founded by Claude Rouas as one of the area’s finest dining experiences. If you wish to stay up market then try the private maisons, they are a staggering 1800 square feet and even have a spare guest bedroom, fireplace, outside bathroom with soaking tub, and lounge area.

Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

For some years now, Vietnam has been getting a growing reputation for hospitality and fine hotels. Put this together with the incredible Vietnamese people and there is a sure fired recipe for success. Danang Sun is a five-star beach resort that has been built in the very center of a beautiful nature reserve that overlooks its own private bay.  The hotel building has many Vietnamese features, including design and mythology. There are even four levels representing, Heaven, Sky, Earth and Sea

And if you are looking for somewhere exotic and mystical to get married then the Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is just the place for you. The “Summit” is an extraordinary place perched high up above the hotel with views to die for.

Little Kulala – Namibia

Namibia has been a popular destination for safaris for a long time, and the Wilderness Safaris Little Kulala in Sossusvlei, Namibia is one of the best. Little Kulala is a retreat quite like no other, situated in a private 30,000-hectare wilderness reserve, it gives the awe-inspiring glimpse of what nature truly is like in its most magnificent state. The eleven “rooms” are actually little thatched “kulalas” or cottages. But each one is its own little oasis in the desert. They have private plunge pools, indoor and outdoor showers and the piste de la resistance is the rooftop star bed. The resort’s amenities include an entertainment area, a relaxing lounge, its own wine cellar and beautiful furnishings and art. If you wish to take a wilderness safari, then climb aboard a vehicle and visit the dunes of Sossusvlei, or have fun exploring on a quad bike or up in a hot air balloon.

These three “hotels” could not be more different, and offer everything possible that a person could want. It proves that you can travel to “offbeat” locations and still revel in luxury whilst nature unfolds all around you.