Inside The Only 8-Star Hotel in The World – The Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace Hotel is known to be the only hotel that has a rating of 8 luxurious rating stars. The hotel is in Abu Dhabi, recognised as the capital of the United Arab Emirates, which is only a single street away from the UAE’s president Palace. The cost of the hotel’s construction was nearly $3 Billion US dollars. The appearance from the outside closely resembles an extravagant and exquisite mosque. The breathtaking interior is decorated with almost 22 tonnes of embedded and incorporated pure gold, more than 1000 Swarovski crystal lamps and more than 100,000 bouquets of fresh flowers.

Inside The Only 8-Star Hotel in The World - The Emirates Palace
Inside The Only 8-Star Hotel in The World – The Emirates Palace

Owning Coastlines and Attracting Celebrities

The hotel alone holds more than 1.3KM of the coastline. The guests that are staying in the hotel can revel in the beautiful exclusive beach. Inside the hotel’s most luxurious suite, is where the room had previously accommodated high-class celebrities and world leaders such as Tony Blair, Bon Jovi, Elton John, etc. This magnificent suite will cost you 55,000 per night; however, the room will be like a mini palace within the palace. With the suite being an area of 680 square meters, this room has a stylish dining room, three humongous bedrooms and a sizable living room.

The guests can have a guaranteed safe stay as mostly all of their doors are entirely bullet-proof. The suite also comes with your own personal elevator, which connects you to the 5th floor of the hotel to the suite. Near the elevator is a spacious and elegant lounge where guest can have special meeting and get-togethers. You are also allowed your very own set of butlers that can usually meet you every need, expectation and standard and also work for 24 hours at a stretch. The bathrooms in this hotel are gigantic in size and are also filled with essential toiletries that are necessary for every person’s needs.

The Décor Reeks of Splendour

The décor of the furniture is all plated with 24-carat gold, the walls of the hotel are all in the material of pure silk that has bee imported from India’s finest producers, the ceiling chandeliers are made from Swarovski crystals. The private dining room can be set for ten people to eat. The serving plates are plated with gold, glass cups are quartz, and all the cutlery are silver. The balcony of the suite also provides a peaceful view of the Arabian Sea. The largest of the three bedrooms is called ‘The Diamond Suite’, which costs 33,000 per night, the second one known as ‘The Coral Suite’ and the third named ‘The Pearl Suite’, each is priced in-between 10,000-16,000 per night.

You have the option to book all of the three bedrooms for a total price of 55,000, or you can book only 1 or 2 bedrooms and still have a perfect and luxurious visit/stay. The hotel contains 114 domes with one particular one called ‘The Central Dome’ more than 72.6 meters above ground level. Guests of the palace can wander the halls through doors, gates, and the corridor, guests can choose from the 200 rooms, which one that they want to explore. Every single room is presented in a chic yet lavish style.