Hotel Ratings – Are They Really Important?

Hotel star ratings have been around for quite some time now, with the most common method using a 1–5-star system. The higher the number the better quality the hotel is likely to be. These ratings are a good assist to help understand the general quality of the hotel; however, they shouldn’t perhaps be the sole governor on whether to stay or not. There are many other elements that a traveler might want to consider before making their booking.

Factors that can influence the overall star rating of a hotel include:

  • Restaurant Quality
  • Room Sizes
  • Swimming Pool Facilities
  • Bed Sizes

Of course, this isn’t a complete list, there are numerous other facets that go along to make up the hotel’s overall star rating.

Considerations for Ratings

Like most things in life, common sense should prevail. The location of a hotel is sometimes the “must have” factor for its visitors; however, this isn’t always factored into the rating. A nice quality hotel in a poor location can often cause more issues than an average hotel situated near to a bus route or train station. It’s fair to say that when star ratings fall, then so does the amenities of the given hotel, along with room sizes and hopefully price too.

Alternative Ratings

Just to make things a little more confusing, the “five-star system” isn’t the only ratings system that is used. There are wide number of organizations that also run their own independent scoring systems, these include Travelocity, AAA, The AA, and Orbitz. In addition to the above, there are also some hotels that feature outside of the traditional 1-5-star scale. The growth of “super-luxury” hotels has seen some facilities being classified as 6 or even 7 star!

In-room Facilities

Depending on whether your stay is for leisure or business you will likely expect different in-room facilities. A business traveler is likely to want an area that they can use as a mini office or similar, with access to a decent speed WI-FI connection. Whereas a leisure traveler might not require space for working. Both types of guest could easily make use of the television, possibly with the business traveler needing news channels available. Some hotels go beyond a basic television and feature smart televisions which allow users to surf the web and play online games.

In pretty much every case a good bed will a contributory factor in determining if the stay was a pleasant one. Decor play another important role too, no matter the type of traveler, we all generally prefer to stay in well-kept properties.

Other Influences

Swimming pools and fitness areas have become increasing important in recent times too. The shift that many have adopted to take on a healthier lifestyle means that these facilities are often high up on visitors lists.

Depending on your reasons for booking, the hotel star rating might not necessarily be the biggest factor. Thankfully, there are many aggregator booking sites that make it easy to pinpoint the exact facilities that match up to your requirements. Previous guest review generally gives a good overall gauge as to the quality of one establishment vs another.