Different Styles of Hotels

Nowadays there are so many different types of hotels it can be a confusing time trying to book one. When searching online you will often find hotels with particular descriptions, these can include things like; boutique, extended stay, luxury, eco and design. Of course, this list isn’t comprehensive by any means. There is thought to be over 50 different terms used to categorize hotels. This blog post will aim to take a look at most of the common ones and explain what facilities you might expect to see when you stay.

Eco Hotel

An increasing number of hotels that are built now try to market themselves as Eco Hotels.  Put simply there are hotels that deemed to be more environmentally friendly. These hotels might include renewable energy systems such as solar power to assist with cutting down on fossil fuel usage. It’s also likely that their restaurants will use locally-grown produce.The philosophy for Eco Hotels is to try to reduce their impact on the environment, whether it be local or international.

Capsule Hotel

A massive hit in countries that normally struggle for land space. Capsule hotels take advantage of constraints of area by offering very small, often tiny accommodations.  These nearly always tend to be budget based and offer basic overnight facilities. Countries where capsule hotels feature include:

  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Russia
  • Thailand
  • Sri Lanka

Boutique Hotel

There is definitely an increase in growth of the boutique hotel. Very often these hotels follow a particular theme. You can expect to receive high-quality, personalized services from a boutique hotel. They tend to be priced a little higher than a standard hotel, often closer towards the luxury end of the price point. Often, they are referred to as “hotels for the curious traveler” – There are even websites that feature the best types of boutique hotels.

Pop Up Hotel

Another new breed of accommodation type is the pop-up hotel.  In most cases these hotels are set-up around particular events that might be happening. These temporarily hotels are then taken down when the event is finished.

Extended Stay Hotel

These hotels are more likely to be found across America. They tend to offer what could be described as the comforts of home, but at a much more affordable rate, suitable to the budget of long-stayers

Private Island Resorts

As the name suggests, private island resorts are all about a certain level of exclusivity.You can expect close to utter seclusion when staying at one of the many private island resorts around the world. Perfect for the upmarket honeymoon or when you just want to get away from almost everything. Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands is one such resort, this one is owned by multi-millionaire Sir Richard Branson. Luxurious settings are guaranteed if you are lucky enough to be looking to stay at one of these resorts.


Another newbie to the growing list of hotel types is the Poshtel. As the name suggests, these are upmarket hotels. They are similar in some ways to that of the boutique hotel.You are likely to see a focus on high-tech facilities, chic design and art when staying at a Poshtel.